Searching for true love and a potent sexual connection?

It can be common to experience a lack of intimacy, irrespective of whether or not you’re in a relationship. (Intimacy being emotional and/or sexual connection). Of course it’s obviously elusive if you’re single but it can be just as disturbing when it’s absent within a relationship. Feeling lonely or isolated can deplete energy levels, compromise happiness, erode confidence and even dampen down the potential of career success.

It can be confounding when we can’t establish a relationship that feels just right. Especially when sometimes it seems as if others just fall into them without trying much at all. But there are specific actions that will absolutely change your success with experiencing loving intimacy. Sometimes it’s just a bit tricky to see for ourselves when we’re right in the middle of it. Having someone to bring awareness to the elements that can turn it all around feels amazingly empowering. Engaging me for an objective viewpoint and personal support delivered with loving affection can make all the difference. Rather than confusion and frustration, a renewed sense of clarity and optimism arises as things change in your favour.

A pivotal factor that determines the depths of intimacy available to us with another is first and foremost, our relationship with ourselves. So whether you’re single and longing to attract someone amazing or you’re already in a partnership but craving more depth and satisfaction, we will start first by building the most happy and content version of you as the foundation. From that place of personal success there is enormous potential to both attract new people and to transform existing relationships. Sometimes opportunities for connection can begin to open up and deepen almost immediately.
I have worked with rock stars, elite sportspeople, virgins and sex addicts, miners, pilots, from gen Ys to  retirees, public servants and a prime minister. It makes me endlessly happy to see people’s lives radically changed. We can all do with more love!

What can you aspire to?

Love and sexual intimacy for men:

You are cherished by a woman you adore. You are readily aroused by this beautiful woman who enjoys sex as much as you do. She is full of appreciation for all that you offer and attracted and responsive to your masculine presence. She is emotionally mature, confident in herself and encourages you to spend time doing the things you love. She understands, inspires, invigorates and loves you deeply. Your relationship supports both a sense of fullness and freedom in your life.

Love and sexual intimacy for women:

You have the devotion of a man who makes you feel beautiful and sexy. You have a real sense of safety and security thanks to his reliability, support, honesty and financial maturity. He meets you with open communication and ready demonstrations of his love. He is established in a job that gives him a solid sense of purpose which makes you feel proud to be with him. Your sexual connections are a rich and satisfying opportunity for deepening intimacy, blissful union and playful exploration.

Katie: I am a change agent, working in support of your greatest happiness. I offer potent transformational Love and Relationship Coaching to men and women seeking to expand into the fullness of their personal potential. I effect deep changes at a conscious level through insightful conversation and align this at an unconscious level through physical contact to catalyse the process.

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