True love and a potent sexual connection

Whether you’re single and longing to attract someone amazing, or you’re wanting more from an existing relationship, the key is building the most vibrant and magnetic version of you as the foundation. From that place of personal success, there is enormous potential to both attract new people and to transform existing relationships.

How would you describe your relationship with yourself? Because of course that will be the primary determiner in the way anyone else relates to us. Only to the degree that we love ourselves will we allow others to do the same. Ultimately there aren’t really relationship issues but more so individual issues that are simply highlighted either in the company or absence of partnership. Fall in love with yourself and most likely you’ll attract not only loving partnership but all sorts of other advantages in life.

Do you want the kind of love and sex that transports you to God?

If you aspire to the most powerfully transformational relationship imaginable then you’re seeking your soul mate. We only have one. Sexual orientation determines whether they are male or female. But whether or not we meet them (or even recognise them) in this lifetime has a lot to do with how aligned we are with our own true nature and purpose. Some relationships are built upon the attraction of opposites but a soul mate union is based on similarity. As the other half of our soul, our soul mate is naturally built with the same unique combination of desires, passions, skills and sense of purpose as we are. And as we unearth all that we can of the true essence of ourselves, it compels the same in our other half (whether we are with them or not). The more we bring these innate qualities alive in our life, the more magnetic we become to attract this ultimate match. Being thrilled with who we are and how we’re living is the best recipe for divine union with our beloved.

The intimacy we experience with ourselves is critical to establishing meaningful relationships. Are you honest with yourself? Do you allow yourself full permission and space to feel all of your feelings? Do you hold true to the promises you make to yourself? Do you prioritise the things you’re most passionate about? Do you love spending time with yourself? Are you proud to be you?

Love and sexual intimacy for men:

You are cherished by a woman you adore. You are readily aroused by this beautiful woman who enjoys sex as much as you do. She’s attracted and responsive to your masculine presence and consistently calls you forward to discover more of your power and purpose. She is emotionally mature, confident and capable of looking after herself. She encourages you to embrace the things you love. She understands, inspires, invigorates and loves you deeply. Your relationship supports both a sense of fullness and freedom in your life.

Love and sexual intimacy for women:

You have the devotion of a man whose character impresses you endlessly. He has the capacity to be both tender and fierce, with great emotional scope and steadfast reliability. He meets you with open communication and appreciative affection. He inspires and holds you accountable to be all that you’re here to be. He loves you equally whether you’re bringing in no money as a mother or if you’re working and earning more than he is. Married or not, you feel deeply assured of his allegiance to your partnership. Sexually, he’s opened you to deeper places in yourself than you’ve ever discovered before. Your lovemaking is ecstatic.

Sound appealing?

In a relationship or not, we can all do with more love.


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