Austin Powers

14 Oct 2015, Posted by Kate Henderson in Katie's Blog
Over recent years, as I’ve signed my name, the Henderson part of it has been slowly fading out more and more.
Sometimes I’d wonder if I was unconsciously clearing the way to get married and take on a man’s last name.
Signing for a new account at the bank two weeks ago, even the capital H wasn’t properly evident anymore. There was just a trailing off after writing Kate.
Recently I was triggered to look more deeply at uncomfortable parts of myself (a shadow of supremacy, endless financial challenges and feeling disempowered to activate the beautiful life that would feel like a true reflection of my character). In the process of traversing that territory I reclaimed many lost parts of my spirit from dozens of experiences throughout my life (my potential for spiritual growth, professional growth, partnership, sexual expression and prosperity). When it was complete I felt like Henderson didn’t fit with me at all anymore.Katie is my birth name. Austin has been my middle name.With the recent shifts I feel like I’ve evolved into Katie Austin.

And so I’m changing my name.

As soon as I realised that that was what I had to do (it wasn’t really a choice, I just had to) I opened up Facebook to action it there. (Facebook really does hold a lot of sway in our psyche these days). I discovered that FB wouldn’t let me change my mind for 60 days. That gave me pause but I went ahead with it before thinking about it too much.

I never thought I’d be one of those name changing people. It felt a bit too hippy for me. I certainly like to claim a bit of hippy but this was more than I’d anticipated.

Anyway, it’s been 9 days now and I’m owning it much more. I’ve investigated the requirements of a legal name change. That further demonstration of commitment feels right.

It’s a bit tricky to embrace it fully when my business name and website is built around my old name but I’m adopting it wherever I can. And actually I have been working on a new website for a while now. I’ll still work the same way and help people with the same things (ultimate happiness and success) but I want to speak more equally to women and I won’t single out the love/sex/relationship areas as the primary focus to promote what I do. Often times my work has ended up being a lot about secret men’s business. I absolutely still want to do that work but I want to make it easier for people to talk about what I do.

Anyway, back to my new name.

Asians believe strongly in the power of names to influence our life. If a baby/child has considerable bad luck early in their life then the parents will often seek professional advice for a new name that will support a more favourable life experience. I’ve really felt the energetic potential of that.

Since I’ve become Katie Austin I’ve felt a lot more alive and engaged in my life. It feels like there’s more softness and ease in and around me. Things are flowing my way in lovely surprising ways. I immediately found myself willing to share more of myself with people. I began posting more than usual on Facebook. I‘ve been more productive. Life feels easier.
I sense this energetic rebirth makes me more Libran now than Taurean – more balance of the middle path certainly appeals.

As Katie Austin I feel more married to both the essence of my true self and to God/Source/Great Spirit.

And that feels very liberating.