Deep Diving – day sessions


Deep Diving – 6 hour day Intensives

These day sessions are an intermediary opportunity to experience something deeper than the standard 90 minute sessions allow, without embarking on the full commitment of the Global Roaming experiences of several days.

Outcomes are focussed around some key themes:

  • Resurrecting a feeling of childlike happiness, satisfaction and enthusiasm for everyday life
  • Finding fearless expression of your authentic self (wildness, freedom and creativity)
  • Feel loved – truly, madly deeply
  • Unleashing the fullness of your sexual expression

Each intensive is tailored to the individual. It’s important that I’ve first developed a relationship with you via the 90 minute sessions in order to design an experience that is most powerful, enjoyable and transformative.

These day bookings are suited to those intrepid explorers determined to get significant gains in a short period of time. If possible it’s wise to organise for a day away from work responsibilities for the day following your intensive. This work goes deep and it pays to allow space for it’s unfolding.

The intensives can be selected as a one off experience to address a particular area or they can become part of an ongoing program of monthly sessions to amplify your ultimate personal potential, self-awareness and success.


Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays


Six hour day              $1,799