Global Roaming


Global Roaming for the high achiever

2 – 5 Day Escapes

Pretend that you could roll together a very dear friend, your guardian angel, a shaman and a trusted mentor (and throw in a genie for good measure). That’s me. Now think about us crafting a deeply personal journey to unearth your happiest and most successful self. That’s what’s on offer here.

There is something so potent about getting away from the everyday routine, going somewhere wonderful and new, and setting the intention for deep personal transformation along the way. Suddenly there are all manner of situations that emerge in perfect support of growth, awareness, intimacy, adventure and freedom. It really is my favourite way to work with people – being out in the world and following whatever presents. These Global Roaming escapes are very organic experiences – they are planned, to a degree, but we will also aim to take advantage of the heightened degree of serendipity that is magnetised by these kind of endeavours and draws forth all manner of situations that could never be planned or anticipated.
The process is started via written questions to awaken you to wild and deeply powerfully personal aspirations. After a thorough appraisal of your answers we will set a number of intentions to work on that really stir you deeply. A good measure of exhilaration is a great sign that we’re on the right track. These intentions set the scene for your personal adventure and may inform the destination we choose.

Perhaps you’ve only got time for two days to begin with. This might mean we need to reset your relationship to time, responsibility and obligation. You might engage me to support you to let go, relax and surrender. We could go to an isolated beach shack where I keep you blindfolded for much of the time, feeding you from my hands, walking you along the beach and holding you afloat in the water. Could you let go into something that sublime? Can you imagine what could open up if you made yourself available for 5 days?

Is there a fear that holds you back in life? There is an enormous amount of energy that gets locked up in fears. Are you afraid of water? Of heights? What if we could completely turn that around during your escape?

Do you need a reminder that the world is full of beauty and opportunities for pleasure? Should we saturate you in the lush greenery of Hawaii? Entrance you with the magic of the Northern lights? Or simply camp out under the stars with chocolate and cherries and massage oil.

These are a few examples of the way we can begin to orient your particular experience around your desired outcome. Beyond setting the scene, the experience will build it’s own momentum.
The intensives can be anywhere from 2-5 days and we’d often be together for 5-8 hours each day. Part of what I do is give feedback on how you move through the world and the things you don’t realise that get in the way of what you ultimately desire (your original intentions). I might, for example, bring your attention to the way you communicate (what you say, what you don’t say), your posture, your thoughts, your assumptions, what you awareness is on, your interactions with me and with others, your energy etc. And of course I can’t help bring a significant tactile element into the whole experience. I love to heal, support and connect via physical contact. Sometimes we might shift something by having a conversation over lunch, or a big hug on a mountain top, by going dancing, getting lost in a forest, we might fall into a long session of bodywork or just cozy up on a rainy day. Life throws up the perfect situations to help me help you. Although we will usually design an adventure to extend you in some specific way, essentially the path of transformation is built quite simply on going with the flow of whatever feels right at the time. And I’m alongside, ever alert to opportunities to support in the most beautiful and powerful ways.

Come play with me?


2-5 day escape      $2,790 per day