About Me


My name is Katie

I am skilled at getting to the core of people’s issues. Quickly.

I am very grounded and practical and I also have psychic awareness that allows me to perceive others emotions, body memories, desires and soul potential. This innate knowing of what is present in someone’s body, mind, emotions and spirit is integral to my healing power. The strong connection to my own body, in combination with my loving heart and the scope of my mind allows me mastery in this area of facilitating deep personal transformation in others.

The touch that I bring to clients is a catalyst for healing. This tactile connection is an important and powerful element of my work. I am passionately oriented towards spiritual growth and seek to awaken both myself and others to the very best of our personal potential in a holistic approach. The body acts as my vehicle to access people’s souls.

Since completing my first degree in my 20’s I have always worked as a healer. I am qualified as a naturopath, acupuncturist, kinesiologist and massage therapist. As I have matured I’ve expanded into sexual healing and holistic coaching and supported people using a tantric approach to address relationships and sexual expression.

I am deeply touched and inspired by people with real presence. It is my heart felt desire to support great men and women to establish powerful connections with themselves so that they use whatever position of influence they have to touch and inspire many others in the world in the best way possible.

I believe in big dreams, fearless honesty, bold action, intimate revealing, authentic self-expression, pursuing passionate endeavours and embracing adventure. I think that people are much stronger than they realise and that the greatest rewards are often found through launching ourselves into the face of fear. I trust that opportunities rise up to meet us when we act with bold decisiveness. I know that I have been able to face some of my greatest challenges when I’ve asked for assistance from wise and trusted supporters and I offer myself up as the same for others who reach for it.

I am courageous, honest and generously open in my affection and support of people. I am insightful and intuitive with the guidance I provide. I am as strong as my Amazonian physique would suggest and yet also tender and sensitive in my feminine connection. I am patient and kind yet also powerfully able to draw forth the depth required to effect real transformation. I see the dark and the light. I will never give up before you do. I am ever optimistic, and capable of seeing beyond present circumstances into the truth of people’s best potential. I can hold this vision for others until they are able to open to believing in it and embodying it for themselves. I am centered and stable in myself but I also revel in the vigour of thrill seeking excitement. I am an adventurer. I like to challenge my courageousness and my vulnerability so I seek out the things that scare me. I aim to live a life of deep satisfaction, love, beauty and joy.

I adore jasmine, hot summer nights, laughter that makes me cry, bear hugs, snow falling in my eyelashes, cheekiness, comfy couches, watermelon, road trips, mischievous grins, ice-cream, speed, raw emotions, climbing to high places, chai, wild thunder storms, outdoor hot springs, emotional and inspiring movies, galloping on horses, wrestling, sleepovers, a big deck with a lovely outlook, the smell of rain on dirt, hammocks, boxing, a beach holiday, rose oil, new clothes, feeling really fit and having a good story to tell.

Creativity in my approach positions me well to cater to the many different and varying needs that people arrive with. On any given day I might appear to you as a fire-starter, shaman, healer, tantric goddess, coach, ally, confidant, truth sayer, teacher, mirror, counsellor, heart opener, game changer or a seeker.

If there’s anything here that stirs or touches you, please go ahead and contact me so that I might have the opportunity to bring it to life for you in person.

With much love,