From a girlfriend

My boyfriend had just one session with you and it improved our sex life significantly. I tried to explain to him but you obviously say or do things in a way that make it easy for men to get.

Becky, Brisbane

Sex is now a loving spiritual expression rather than a mechanical act.

The question of what can be gained is very, very difficult to quantify in words Katie!
Possibly because what you bring to me are true feelings of love and sincerity -expressed by you and felt by me through much higher forms of communication than mere words.

You have helped me personally by expressing to me what it is to have even a slightly open heart! It is staggering to me that you have done this so quickly with your expressions of sincerity, empathy, love and your non-judgmental soul. It amazes me to think of what is possible to achieve with a heart that is open.

I am 50 and I have never been able to correctly identify or trust a truly heartfelt hug. Yours is the first that I have felt and it has helped me along with your touch and words and your soul to open my heart. You have unlocked a door to my heart and I have actually felt love flow in. A love of myself, I feel! Through you I have given myself permission to be truthful with myself and others, to be a man of honour, to trust my feelings and decisiveness, and to love passionately and wildly. Sex is now a loving spiritual expression rather than a mechanical act.

On offer, to be gained with your coaching, is the essence of the true masculine man, complete with an open, sensitive, empathetic and strong heart. A heart empathetic and loving of itself and thus fully open to the beauty of women and the feminine. My own rebalancing and realignment were brought on by your loving heart.

All areas of my life have improved as a result of the opening that has occurred. I am truly healthier, happier and more at peace. The new relationship with myself has opened my heart to far better relationships with everybody in my world. Even my dog has a new love of me! In business, as a parent and personally my world is the best it has ever been!

So what can be gained? Happiness, harmony, peace and self-love. All of which can lead to a more passionate and authentic life in all areas.

Love Todd x

Todd, Brisbane
Professional growth and improved income

Katie is one of the most intuitive people I’ve met. She identified core issues in me that now seem obvious, but at the time made no sense. I felt that while life wasn’t particularly hard, I had an underlying sense of dissatisfaction and a fear that I wasn’t achieving my potential. I described this as a feeling of “floating through my life”.

After each session, I would go away, reflect and work on what I learned about myself. It sounds corny, but I could feel myself changing, and quite rapidly. I started to feel more grounded, more confident and I developed a sense of who I am and what I stand for.

I’m not claiming that I’ve reached utopia, but I can honestly say that my life has gradually improved in many ways – including relationships, love and even in business. As a self-employed professional, my client base and income has grown substantially. Discussing money with clients used to be something I cringed about, but it’s no longer an issue because I value myself and what I do more. That confidence comes across to clients and they seem to place a higher value on my services.

For all those changes, I believe it comes down to one thing: Katie provided me with the tools to develop a real sense of self respect. I no longer feel like I’m floating. I make decisions every day based on knowing who I am, what I want and where I’m going, and with a sense of purpose and joy in my life.

Gary, Brisbane
I have feelings again

Katie I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the experience I had with you over the last three months.
Our time together was wonderful. I learned so much. I loved the hugs – I just wish there were more. I’ve become a hugger myself – every chance I get I will be Hugging….LoL…..
You are the most amazing, loving and trustworthy lady I have been in the company of for a long time. You just made me feel so comfortable, that I could open up to you with my deepest feelings and emotions which helped a lot in my progress. Just thinking that my sessions with you are over I get tears in my eyes which is good. I have feelings again.
Just though I’d let you know how I felt.

Tim, Brisbane
Better able to deal with life

Thank you for the sessions Katie. They made me think about a lot of things in my life at the moment and have helped me to come to grips with some of the things that have happened this year. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.
So much to think about but I know I am on the right track now.

George, Gold Coast
Orgasmic once again

Four sessions with Katie and my life has turned around. Life was good except for one big problem, my sexuality was on the decline. I was having some erection problems, orgasms were almost non-existent and I had an addiction to sex. Katie’s intimate, compassionate and sensual approach has changed my life. Erections are no longer a problem and I have now had some great orgasms and with more to come I am sure. I look forward to regular sessions with Katie to reinforce my attitudes, she is insightful, warm patient and understanding.

Rick, Brisbane
Deep insights and renewed energy

For years I’ve suffered from performance anxiety during initial intimacy with a new partner, which showed up as erectile dysfunction. Katie’s deep intuition and exceptional healing skills allowed me to get in touch with some childhood emotional issues, bringing new insights and understanding. After full day intensive work I felt re-energized and much more confident in my ability. Within weeks I attracted a beautiful young woman into my life and am enjoying great sex and the prospect of a fulfilling long term relationship. Katie is extremely good at what she does. She has a nurturing, compassionate approach that puts you at ease and opens the door to healing the most sensitive, intimate places.

Chris, Byron Bay

Touching and holding

I had the privilege of 3 sessions whilst Katie was still coming to Sydney – more the pity that she no longer does. When I first met her, nervous, but I relaxed quickly – having read Katie’s story on hugs, I would have failed that first test, but I did improve with further meetings.
Katie is simply amazing. I was dealing with a number of issues – guilt over a failed marriage and a recently failed, what I thought was, a loving relationship.
Katie has a unique way of communicating – much touching and holding (not in a sexual sense, but certainly sensual – she is, after all, very attractive) and the contact was very moving and I could feel both my energy and Aria’s.
Did Katie help me, yes, absolutely. Would I see her again, for sure. I left each time after my three sessions completely exhausted (and Katie does warn you about this) but also uplifted and feeling so much better about myself.
Aria is one of a kind, bless her.

Steve, Sydney