Global Roaming

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Did you imagine that your financial success would bring more happiness than it has? Would it be really satisfying if your heart felt as full as your bank account? Are you craving to feel invigorated by life? Are you starting to wonder if you’ll ever find true love?

If you’re willing to commit to setting some work free days aside to be supported I can help you to resurrect all sorts of dreams you may have given up on long ago. I will help you with a solid roadmap for retrieving a life of happiness, loving connection and deep satisfaction.

Getting away from your day to day responsibilities for some quality time in a rejuvenating place really supports the potential for powerful transformation. The intensives can be arranged for anything from two to five days (4-8 hours together each day) either in Australia or overseas.

To qualify: either you have been to see me as a client already, or you live interstate or overseas and we have started working via at least 3 Skype sessions.

What will we do together?

I will do the usual talk and touch session work that is delivered in my 90 minute bookings and we will also have the opportunity to experience the world together and embrace whatever adventures come our way. Ideally we plan these intensives to be in holiday destinations where you can properly escape from your usual life. It’s personal development on steroids in the midst of a holiday escape. Synchronicity is often wonderfully enhanced when travelling to new places and works beautifully to support anchoring new feelings of inspiration, courage, enthusiasm, satisfaction and optimism.

What do you need to do?

A thought provoking questionnaire will help to set the scene and establish the crucial elements for your experience to be most meaningful. You will choose a destination that is in keeping with the happiness you’re seeking and arrange for us both to get there. Beyond that, all that is required of you is that you open your heart as best you can and be prepared to be lovingly supported, listened to, guided, embraced and encouraged.


As per all my sessions this will be based upon my Pay What You Feel policy. We will decide the inherent gains available to you in the experience and arrive at a fee that suits your situation.