Loving Sessions


Opportunities to explore feeling deep love and finding richly satisfying sexual connection

1. Face to face (& body to body): 90 min sessions in Byron Bay

Getting started

Taste Test                     90 minute session


Building momentum    (After your Introductory Taste Test you can choose your pace for continuing)

Easy Does It                 90 mins per month

The Middle Road        90 mins per fortnight

The Fast Track            90 mins every week

3. Global Roaming for the high achiever: 1-5 day Escapes

Pretend that you could roll together a very dear friend, your guardian angel, a shaman and a trusted mentor (and throw in a genie for good measure). That’s me. Now think about us crafting a deeply personal journey to unearth your happiest and most successful self. That’s what’s on offer here.

A single day

2-5 days away

Questions to get started