Distance sessions

60 & 90 minutes

Video Sessions

There is a lot that can be achieved via these distance sessions. They are a great choice when you can’t work with me in person.

The conversational element at the beginning will be similar to my face to face sessions. Once I’ve established exactly where we need to work I may get you to lie down to be more deeply in touch with your body. It’s important that you take these calls somewhere quiet and private so that you can really relax, let go and practice feeling things.

Even from a distance I get a good sense of where things are stuck or closed and keeping you from the change you seek. The resistance might be in your body, your thoughts or your emotions. I’ll talk you through the process, sharing what I find and supporting your own self awareness. By the end of the call you should have a deeper understanding of your situation and you should feel quite different. You can feel tired afterwards or you can feel energised. Either way, you should be more deeply aligned with what you desire. This kind of bodywork at a distance can be just as powerful at effecting change as the tactile experience in person.

Session days and times:

Variable according to your time zone.


60 minute sessions                                                                                         $270

90 minute sessions                                                                                         $390