Testosterone and Fierceness

24 Jun 2015, Posted by Kate Henderson in Katie's Blog

maxresdefaultI’ve been feeling a ferociousness emerging recently.

I like it.

It feels a bit dangerous sometimes but I’m keen to keep pushing forward with it.
I’ve been swearing more than usual. Directly and forcefully in response to some outrageous behaviour I’ve seen. Usually I’m more collected than that. But it feels liberating to be more raw and dirty when the situation calls for it.

I think that some people who’ve witnessed me have probably been disapproving. There’s certainly a part of me that wants to be looked upon favourably so that definitely feels uncomfortable. But again, I feel to push on. Being nice and respectable all the time binds up so much good energy.

This week I had a new client say at the end of the session that he felt like he’d had an injection of testosterone released through his body. He was bursting at the seams when he left. I think I got a shot of it too. That’s often how sessions work for me – there can be a transfer effect where I get some of the same gains.

Testosterone can certainly bolster a feeling of feistiness like I’ve been experiencing recently. Testosterone does lots of good stuff. It sparks motivation, confidence and competitiveness, it boosts energy and self-esteem, improves sleep and concentration and helps build muscle.

Doctors will tell you that your hormone balance is orchestrated purely from a physical body chemistry level. That’s not actually true. Hormones don’t operate within a closed system where a deficiency can be rectified simply by supplementation. That’s like filling the oil in the car and ignoring the leak.

When a physical problem either doesn’t respond to a physical remedy or when the remedy has to be applied continually in order to maintain the benefit then there are other factors at play that are going unaddressed. Inevitably there will be some ongoing mental or emotional issue that’s calling for attention. There’ll be some experience in life that’s compromised somehow.

If you need to go to the chiropractor every month in order for your back not to hurt then you’re missing something.

If you need to take medication every day in order for your blood pressure (or depression, cholesterol, heart burn, anxiety or pain etc) to stay under control, then you’re missing something.

If you seek out testosterone (or Viagra/Cialis) for a flagging libido then you’re missing something.

The body is endlessly wise and offers up physical symptoms as clues when something important is amiss in our life. Pharmaceuticals might quieten the physical symptoms but they also deny the deeper calling from the body by silencing the messenger.

A sore back is very often exacerbated by emotional themes of financial distress and feelings that we lack the kind of support we’d really like from others.

Blood pressure problems are inevitably associated with the heart and our experience of love.

Address the inner mental/emotional troubles and the physical symptoms resolve.

Testosterone levels are directly related to our capacity to embody a strong feeling of masculine expression. Doctors like to profess that the testosterone drop is the egg that comes before the chicken of flagging motivation but it’s not. It’s the other way around. Diminished feelings of self esteem, purpose and empowerment can drain the body’s capacity to manufacture and maintain good levels of testosterone over time. The life situation and response to it are the leak that needs to be addressed. Once the messenger has been acknowledged and the bigger picture is remedied then the body will naturally kick start an auto correction within the body chemistry.

The more a man comes to believe in himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world, the more his testosterone production ramps up accordingly.
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