What do I do?


Tell me what your challenges are and I’ll be able to tell you all the causative background factors and what’s required to bring about the results you desire. This can be done either over the phone, on a video call or in person.

I work both at conscious and unconscious levels. Consciously I assist you with awareness and occasional strategy. Unconsciously I invite healing by addressing the many, many factors that lie beyond the scope of the mind: releasing old traumas, surfacing unexpressed emotions, resurrecting broken dreams, dissolving false beliefs, shifting energetic blockages and otherwise awakening the original purity of your soul.

There are 7 key areas that support both general health and happiness, and the potential for deep love and great sex. Lasting results require a holistic approach that takes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual elements into account in these key areas:

  1. Grounding  (home, health, friends, stillness)
  2. Creativity, Sex & Money
  3. Personal Power & Confidence
  4. Love
  5. Communication
  6. Vision & Intuition
  7. Connection to God

This list gives a broad sweep of the territory but essentially each session and program is always crafted according to differing, individual needs. Some people have many elements missing or out of balance, others only a few. Some people respond very quickly to change, others appreciate a slower pace. Some want one specific issue in their life addressed and are happy to move on after that, others embrace the opportunity to be supported in a longer relationship with me to realise the fullness of their personal potential in many areas in life.