What do I do?


In short, my sessions involve talk and touch


Firstly we discuss things so that you can uncover and better understand all the factors related to your situation. I may also suggest strategies for you to adopt.  Secondly, I work physically by touching your body to support deeper integration so that change occurs more easily. We might stand in an embrace for example, or I might have you lie down and work with your body on the massage table.

Many counsellors/psychologists offer talk therapy to help with mental/emotional awareness and strategies but stay seated behind a desk. Escorts/sex workers/massage therapists will offer you physical connection but are unlikely to contribute much towards the self awareness that is valuable for real transformation. Essentially my work combines these two approaches of talk and touch to catalyse powerful shifts. My sessions can be deeply loving and intimate and bring about radical improvements in people’s sex lives without me actually having sex with clients. Once people are aligned with their true selves, love opens up and sex comes naturally. My approach is both strategic and intuitive.



There are 7 key areas that support both general health and happiness, and the potential for deep love and great sex. Lasting results require a holistic approach that takes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual elements into account in these key areas:

  1. Grounding  (home, health, friends, stillness)
  2. Creativity, Sex and Money
  3. Personal power and confidence
  4. Love
  5. Communication
  6. Vision and Intuition
  7. Connection to spirit/higher self


Typically Grounding and Personal Power will be areas that require early attention and are often where I start with many clients but essentially the sessions are always crafted according to differing, individual needs. Some people have many elements missing or out of balance, others only a few. Some people respond very quickly to change, others appreciate a slower pace. Some want one specific issue in their life addressed and are happy to move on after that, others embrace the opportunity to be supported in a longer relationship with me to realise the fullness of their personal potential in many areas in life.

Clients who are keen to be supported by me with this approach (to address just one area or many)  will be given a questionnaire after their initial 90 minute session to establish the baseline that we move forward from.

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